Our No.4 Kingdom Street project comprises of a basement and a ten storey steel frame
with composite decked floor. This will provide a commercial building which will provide
13,700m2  of efficient and flexible commercial office space which is all supported from
the existing “Cross Rail Box” structure.

The total piece count that makes up the main frame consists of 1750 pieces of structural
steelwork which were erected using two tower cranes, the total steel weight for the project
is circa of 2230t. During the early stages and within the basement, compressive
strengthening works were carried out along with large steel trusses installed to
the existing Cross Rail Structure using a large mobile crane which allowed the
remaining steelwork to be erected.

The composite deck floor was installed concurrently with the erection of steel frame,
this has an area of approximately 17,200 m2 with circa of 80,000 studs welded to
the structural steelwork.