Getting to know…trainee Daniel

Getting to know…trainee Daniel

We welcomed two trainees from the Torfaen area to the business back in November 2020.  This was part of our L2 NVQ Fabrication & Welding project working with Torfaen Voluntary Alliance, Torfaen County Borough Council and Coleg Gwent.

It’s a Welsh Government Foundational Economy Challenge project with a new approach to learning whilst working.

Here’s a quick Q&A update with one of our trainees Daniel

Age: 25

From: Cwmbran

Where were you working/studying before starting the traineeship at Pro Steel? I got a BA in games design at the University of South Wales

How did you hear about the traineeship? I heard about the traineeship via word of mouth from a friend who works locally to Pro Steel

What prompted you to sign up to the traineeship? I was tempted by the traineeship because I was looking for something more ‘hands-on’

How have the last few months gone for you since starting, what have you learned and worked on? Over the last few months, I have experienced numerous different tasks; my welding ability has improved dramatically as well as my knowledge and use of the tools

What’s the best thing you’ve done so far? The best thing so far is welding a builder’s beam for a client’s house from start to finish. It gave me a lot of pride in my work and showed a lot of improvement in my understanding of fabrication and welding

What are the advantages of a traineeship? Being surrounded by knowledgeable people with a lot of experience. I would also say that getting to work and train directly in the field of work gives you a better understanding of the career

Before starting your traineeship, what impression (if anything) did you have of engineering? I viewed engineering as a complex task/role, but I have always had interest in it

Was it ever a career choice for example or did you not really know what jobs you could do in the sector? It was never presented to me a career until recently. I had knowledge of welding from previous courses (motor vehicles studies) but never the avenue to get into engineering